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5 years in the past as we speak, Congress discovered from sworn, horse’s-mouth testimony that there isn’t a technical proof that Russia (or anybody else) hacked the DNC emails exhibiting how the DNC had stacked the deck towards Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton’s rival for the Democratic nomination.

I can nearly hear readers new to this web site cry out in disbelief: “That can not be. Official Washington and the media assured us that the Russians hacked these emails in an effort to assist Trump win. And didn’t Obama throw out 35 Russian diplomats in response? And what about these 12 Russian intelligence brokers indicted for hacking?” Had been U.S. officers and media mistaken?

No, not mistaken. They have been mendacity.

“However … however, does this imply Particular Counsel Robert Mueller knew there was no concrete proof of Russian hacking simply six months into his 22-month investigation into Trump-Russia collusion?”

Get Him Below Oath

On December 5, 2017, Shawn Henry, head of the cyber safety agency CrowdStrike, testified to the Home Intelligence Committee that there was no technical proof that Russia hacked the DNC emails that WikiLeaks revealed in July 2016. CrowdStrike had been employed by the DNC and the Clinton marketing campaign (with the FBI’s blessing) to research “Russian hacking”.

Shawn Henry is a protégé of former FBI Director Robert Mueller (from 2001 to 2012), for whom Henry served as head of the Bureau’s cyber-crime investigations unit earlier than he went to CrowdStrike. What are the probabilities that Shawn Henry didn’t maintain his former mentor, the Particular Counsel, knowledgeable of this vital factoid?

Why are a few of you readers simply now studying about this – 5 years after that testimony? Brief reply: Adam Schiff (D, CA), chair of the Home Intelligence Committee was capable of maintain Henry’s unclassified testimony secret from Dec. 5, 2017 till Might 7, 2020, when he was pressured to launch it. Schiff gave the silencer-baton to pals within the company media, who’ve now suppressed Shawn Henry’s testimony for longer than even Schiff might.

In sum, 5 years (and counting) after Henry’s testimony, the company media are nonetheless conserving viewers/listeners at nighttime. Had been we Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) not banned from company media, these within the “hacking” hoax might have discovered what was happening by studying our Memorandum “Allegations of Hacking are Baseless”, of December 12, 2016 – a 12 months earlier than Shawn Henry, underneath oath, got here clear. Henry’s confession got here as no shock to us. (Updates can be found right here and right here.)

But, the New York Occasions, for instance, retains up the drumbeat. Charlie Savage was cautious final week to insert the next, in an article about Julian Assange (don’t miss what the New York Occasions itself embedded):

His [Assange’s] public picture shifted considerably after WikiLeaks revealed Democratic emails that had been hacked by the Russian authorities as a part of its covert operation to assist Donald J. Trump win the 2016 presidential election.

Thus the phrases of Charlie Savage and the Grey Girl. There may be all the time some clown who doesn’t get the phrase – however Charlie is not any clown. He is aware of what the narrative nonetheless must be, and adheres to it (and, thus, to his job).

The reasoning behind suppressing Shawn Henry’s testimony seems to have gone one thing like this: The reality about “Russian hacking” cracks the centerpiece of Russia-gate; it pulls the rug from underneath what we company media have been saying concerning the evil Putin and what we label Trump’s “bromance” with him. Worse, the reality might deny the MICIMATT the picture of the threatening “enemy” it must “justify” constructing and promoting weapons. Apart from, People in all probability can’t deal with the reality. And what they don’t know gained’t harm them.

What People Don’t Know

Humorist Will Rogers had it proper:

“The issue ain’t what individuals know. It’s what individuals know that ain’t so; that’s the issue.”

What People “know” is that President Vladimir Putin is evil and that Russia have to be stopped in Ukraine. This comes of six straight years of indoctrination/brainwashing. Putin and his colleagues, after all, are conscious of this. It should appear to them that individuals within the US an Europe are being steeled with the propaganda foundation for wider struggle. This will get extraordinarily harmful. What individuals don’t know can actually harm them and lead them into one other misbegotten struggle – this one far worse than different latest misadventures.

If the sophomores advising President Joe Biden refuse to acknowledge that Russia has escalation dominance in Ukraine, the chance of wider struggle within the coming months looms massive. And regardless of latest optimistic projections by prime intelligence officers, Ukraine and NATO are way more prone to run out of ammunition earlier than Russia does.

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Ray McGovern works with Inform the Phrase, a publishing arm of the ecumenical Church of the Saviour in inner-city Washington. His 27-year profession as a CIA analyst consists of serving as Chief of the Soviet International Coverage Department and preparer/briefer of the President’s Every day Temporary. He’s co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS).


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