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Restoration Druid Fundamentals In Wrath Traditional

Restoration Druids nonetheless excel at single goal therapeutic and heals-over-time in Traditional Wrath of the Lich King. They’ve earned a pleasant spot on our WotLK PvE Therapeutic Tier Listing because of their effectivity, utility, and a few reworks that enable them to carry out AOE heals. Attributable to this, there’ll be extra in demand for raid spots in compositions. The spec can also be an absolute blast to play, too. The spec additionally sees some very welcome high quality of life adjustments that makes you surprise the way you ever lived with out them.

This information will focus particularly on degree 80 content material and skills. Will probably be up to date all through the Wrath of the Lich King growth as extra content material rolls out.


Vital New And Reworked Skills And Talents

Wild Development – The brand new capstone expertise for Restoration Druids. It’s a heal-over-time that may be solid on as much as 5 gamers. It lastly provides Resto Druids an AOE heal, and one at on the spot velocity besides, too.

Nourish – A robust single goal heal that’s buffed by the quantity of HOTs you’ve gotten on that focus on.

Tree of Life – A rework to Tree of Life permits you to solid nearly each necessary spell whereas in Tree kind.

Lifebloom – It now prices extra mana, but additionally provides you half the mana again when you let it full its length.

Rebirth – Now a 10-minute cooldown.

Revive – Now you can resurrect out of fight. This isn’t a drill, individuals.

Expertise Construct For Restoration Druids In WotLK

There are two Resto Druid expertise builds in Wrath of the Lich King Traditional. They’re based mostly on the quantity of Haste score you’re in a position to purchase, permitting you to decrease the native cooldown to 1 second. That is necessary since you wish to maximize the quantity of Rejuvenation Therapeutic Over Time results (HOTs) which are solid on the raid.

Resto Druid Expertise Tree for 735 Haste

If you happen to’re at a max of 735 Haste, which is the seemingly end result for section one, then you definately’ll wish to dip into the Steadiness tree for Celestial Focus.

Resto Druid Expertise Tree for 856 Haste

As you purchase extra gear, you may attain the Haste delicate cap of 856 and can not must dip that far down into the Steadiness tree.

It doesn’t matter what expertise construct you’ve gotten, your glyphs won’t change.

Restoration Druid Ability Rotation

You don’t actually have a “rotation” like DPS or tanks as a healer. As a substitute, there’s usually a most popular heal to solid in sure conditions and a few setup earlier than the encounter begins.

Vital Spells/Talents Throughout Fights

  • Wild Development must be solid each time it’s obtainable.
  • Use Lifebloom when Clearcasting procs. Word that when you’re therapeutic a tank, be sure that they’ve 3 stacks of Lifebloom on them.
  • Prime off as many individuals as you may with Rejuvenation. Ensure that when you have a selected project, particularly a tank, you give attention to them at the beginning.
  • Regrowth is used in your assigned tank, if relevant, or anybody that will probably be taking focused harm.
  • Nourish would be the foremost spell you employ on whoever your assigned healer is.
  • In the event that they want further therapeutic, you should use Swiftmend or Nourish.
  • Nature’s Swiftness is your “oh crap” button to maintain up with harm spikes or when your therapeutic project is in hassle.

So long as your therapeutic targets don’t die, you’ve achieved your job.

Vital Restoration Druid Cooldown To Use

As alluded to earlier, Nature’s Swiftness is a superb cooldown to make use of to pump out a fast heal when wanted. Sadly, that’s about it with regards to your therapeutic cooldowns.

You’ll nonetheless have Innervate to provide individuals mana. This has been reworked to not be based mostly off of the goal’s spirit. As a substitute, the focused participant will regen 225% of your base mana. This opens up extra individuals to see the complete impact of Innervate.

After all, Rebirth continues to be a key raid cooldown.

WotLK Resto Druid Stat Precedence

A very powerful stats for Restoration Druids in Wrath of the Lich King Traditional are as follows:

  1. Haste
  2. Spell Energy
  3. Spirit
  4. Crucial Strike
  5. Mind

Resto Druid Consumables

There aren’t many consumables you’ll want for raiding:

Finest Wrath Professions For Restoration Druids

  • Jewelcrafting is usually accepted as among the finest professions for Resto Druids in Traditional Wrath. You’re in a position to receive necessary cuts to assist maximize the quantity of stats you’re in a position to get from gems.
  • Engineering presents a formidable quantity of utility and kit enchants, making it a really engaging second possibility.
  • There may be some profit to achieve from Enchanting, Alchemy, Inscription, and Tailoring. Additionally they have the added bonus of being stable money-making choices. To be sincere, when you really wish to min-max, the JC/Engineering combo is the most effective guess for you.

Finest In Slot Gear For Restoration Druids In WotLKTHIN BANNER resto d

The article beneath outlines the easiest merchandise in addition to different selections for every tools slot for each Pre-Raid and Part 1 of Wrath of the Lich King.