Cyclones often carry with them cloudiness, rain and warming, and for weather-sensitive folks, a decline in well-being. Because of the lower in atmospheric strain, intracranial strain could improve after which the top turns into as if cloudy, “cotton” and “heavy”. Neurologist, vegetative knowledgeable, candidate of medical sciences, assistant of the Division of Biochemistry of Kazan Medical College Ksenia Ovsyannikova informed in her Telegram channel learn how to cut back this situation and what to do to forestall it.

To eliminate acute complications, in keeping with him, citramone or diacarba tablets will assist. As well as, you may drink espresso, as a result of caffeine is the primary venotonic, and in addition put a really chilly compress in your brow. It’s fairly unimaginable to eliminate cloudiness within the head with out drugs, medical doctors are positive.

“Ft in scorching water – reflexively promotes blood circulation from the top + relieves stress. Mustard plaster or scorching moist towel on the neck and shoulder girdle – loosen up the muscle tissues of the cervical collar space to enhance venous outflow. 200-300 mg of succinic acid – helps the physique energetically. And most significantly, stroll! Regardless of the climate, stroll quite a bit in order that the microcirculation begins and the physique ranges itself,” suggested the neurologist.

To scale back climate sensitivity, Ovsyannikova recommends a distinction bathe within the morning. First, pour heat water over your head, then scorching water to make it scorching, after which cool. This needs to be carried out two or thrice to coach the vessel, and regularly improve the distinction. A every day cardio exercise or only a lengthy arduous stroll till you break a sweat will even work to begin microcirculation and lymphatic drainage.