Dragon Ball is especially notorious for its use of filler, the place fights are artificially lengthened and further scenes of little consequence are added in order that the anime doesn’t “overtake” the manga. Nonetheless, not all filler must be this manner; generally it could actually fill in gaps left behind by Akira Toriyama, or it could actually present some further depth to one thing solely briefly touched upon within the manga.

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However what occurs when Toriyama goes again and fills in these gaps himself, or if the anime writers missed a element that contradicts one thing they simply launched? Accidents will occur, particularly with a whole lot of manga chapters and episodes to work with, and there are a number of examples of this occurring all through the Dragon Ballsequence.


8/8 Dr. Flappe

Android 8 was the primary of the Pink Ribbon Military’s numbered androids to seem, being launched in episode 39 of the unique Dragon Ball. Very like Android 16, he’s a mild big who solely makes use of violence as a final resort. In episode 42 he and Goku journey to get his self-destruct machine eliminated in order that he can stay in peace, ultimately consulting together with his authentic creator Dr. Flappe to take action.

It’s comprehensible that the anime writers wouldn’t anticipate Akira Toriyama to return to the Pink Ribbon’s androids a whole lot of chapters later, revealing they have been created by a personality readers had by no means seen earlier than referred to as Dr. Gero. Some supplementary materials tries to reconcile this by claiming Flappe co-created Android 8 with Gero, however his absence from all later Dragon Ball media suggests they’d slightly he’d be forgotten.

7/8 Piccolo Destroys Goku’s House Pod

After recovering with a freshly-grown Senzu Bean in episode 46, Goku makes plans to move to Namek himself in a spaceship constructed by Dr. Temporary. He explains that, since Nappa and Raditz’s area pods have been destroyed, they as an alternative salvaged the area pod that he himself was despatched to Earth in as a child. Too unhealthy Piccolo utterly obliterated it again in episode 18.

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Throughout Piccolo and Gohan’s coaching earlier than the arrival of the Saiyans, Gohan reworked right into a Nice Ape once more after his tail grew again and a full moon appeared within the sky. Piccolo had already destroyed the moon to cease Gohan’s first transformation, so it seems that this new moon is only a projection created by Goku’s long-dormant area pod. Piccolo blows it up and Gohan returns to regular. To be truthful, the anime inserts some dialogue from Dr. Temporary saying that the pod was in a sorry state after they discovered it, however badly broken is a far cry from completely destroyed!

6/8 Gohan’s Cell Nightmare

Loads of new materials was added to the anime detailing the Saiyans’ time contained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Episode 167 encompasses a scene the place Gohan’s coaching is interrupted by his mom Chi-Chi and Piccolo. Instantly, Cell seems in his newly perfected type and murders them proper in entrance of him. Gohan wakes up screaming, the whole occasion being only a nightmare.

The issue right here is that Gohan has no thought what Cell seems like. A number of episodes in the past in episode 156, this reality was made very express: Goku means that Gohan think about his family and friends being harm by Cell to enrage himself sufficient to change into a Tremendous Saiyan, however Gohan reminds him that he hasn’t even seen Cell earlier than. In response, Goku tells him to substitute Cell for Frieza as an alternative.

5/8 Vegeta Knew Frieza Destroyed The Saiyan’s Planet

In episode 104, whereas Tremendous Saiyan Goku and Frieza enter the ultimate stage of their battle on Namek, Vegeta is on Earth with the remainder of the solid. He flashes again to a time when he was nonetheless working with Nappa and Raditz. A fuming Nappa tells Vegeta that it was Frieza who destroyed their dwelling planet, however Vegeta reveals that he knew this secret all alongside.

This flies within the face of Vegeta’s conduct beforehand through the Namek arc, the place each he and the viewers are first advised about Frieza’s actions by Dodoria. Vegeta is initially shocked, and it’s clear that that is utterly new info to him. Likewise, Raditz was current when Nappa revealed the reality, but nonetheless recites the outdated cowl story about an asteroid to Goku when the 2 meet.

4/8 Chi-Chi Already Is aware of How To Drive

That is comparatively minor in comparison with different inconsistencies, nevertheless it entails probably the most well-known filler episodes in Dragon Ball Z: episode 125, the place Goku and Piccolo learn to drive. It’s a favourite among the many fandom, offering some levity between Trunks’s foreboding message from the longer term and the arrival of the androids.

What’s unusual about this episode is that, regardless of Chi-Chi being the one who calls for the 2 study to drive to assist with errands, she already seems to know the right way to drive. Sometimes she is seen within the driver seat of a hovercar, similar to when she arrives as Kame Home to search out out what occurred to Goku and Gohan in episode 8. Then once more, if that they had remembered that tiny element, then followers by no means would’ve acquired to see Piccolo’s “POSTBOY” shirt.

3/8 King Kai’s Saiyan Historical past Lesson

In episode 20, after arriving at King Kai’s planet and starting his coaching, Goku will get a historical past lesson about his Saiyan ancestors. Many particulars from the story would find yourself being disproven: King Kai claims that Planet Vegeta’s personal guardian destroyed the planet, when it’s ultimately revealed that it was Frieza’s doing, and the Saiyans stealing the Scouter expertise from the Tuffles is contradicted a lot later in Dragon Ball Tremendous: Broly, the place it’s explicitly a Frieza Pressure invention.

One side that’s typically missed is when King Kai mentions the Saiyan’s potential to show into Nice Apes beneath a full moon. This should be information to Goku who, exterior a obscure allusion from Raditz, wouldn’t find out about this till Vegeta turns into one in episode 32. On seeing it, Goku realizes that he himself was the “monster” that killed Grandpa Gohan, however when King Kai mentions this he doesn’t put two and two collectively.

2/8 The Nature Of Hell

Dragon Ball has all the time performed fairly quick and unfastened with its mythology, including and eradicating realms and deities each time the story calls for it. Whereas alluded to within the manga, Hell isn’t bodily depicted, so the anime determined to fill this hole by having Goku find yourself there by mistake in episode 13. It doesn’t seem to be such a nasty place, with parks and carnivals that make it appear extra like a trip spot than a spot of punishment. Villains like Frieza and Cell are seen there in different episodes, nonetheless in possession of their bodily our bodies.

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It isn’t till a lot later in episode 237 that Piccolo explains to Majin Vegeta what occurs to evil souls: they’re separated from their our bodies, purified and reincarnated with no reminiscence of their previous life. That is in the end the destiny of Child Buu on the finish of the arc. That’s to not say later tales have been per this; in Resurrection ‘F’, Frieza is proven in a model of Hell together with his physique nonetheless intact, so the precise nature of Hell within the Dragon Ball universe isn’t set in stone.

1/8 The Complete Garlic Jr. Arc

One of many extra notorious stretches of filler in Dragon Ball Z, the Garlic Jr. arc takes locations between episodes 108-117, after Frieza’s defeat on Namek and earlier than Goku returns to Earth. Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin should cope with their outdated foe Garlic Jr., who has attacked Kami’s Lookout, imprisoned him and used the Black Water Mist to show virtually everybody into savage vampires.

Garlic Jr. originated from the primary Dragon Ball Z movie Useless Zone, and anybody who is aware of concerning the canonicity of the theatrical films will perceive why this arc doesn’t work. It seems to be set earlier than the arrival of Raditz, however by then Krillin had not met Gohan and Goku hadn’t seen Piccolo because the twenty third World Match. There isn’t anyplace within the timeline that the occasions of Useless Zone may comfortably slot in, making it unimaginable for the Garlic Jr. arc to happen.

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