by Martin Armstrong

This is among the oldest strategies to brainwash a inhabitants recognized to historical historical past. The excessive monks had found the cycle of the heavens. They might faux to show the solar darkish, for they managed to calculate the cycles when an eclipse would happen. They might name the folks collectively and inform them what they may do, and so they watched the moon block out the solar and believed that the excessive priest may management the heavens. At the moment, astrology actually comes from the Babylonians who carried out a large correlation examine to foretell the long run.

woolyrhinoThere’s a cycle to all the things. The local weather ALWAYS adjustments, and there are warming durations and cooling durations. These charlatans aren’t any totally different than the Babylonian excessive monks pretending to dam the solar with the moon on their command. Science was turned on its head after a discovery in 1772 close to Vilui, Siberia, of an intact frozen woolly rhinoceros, which was adopted by the extra well-known discovery of a frozen mammoth in 1787. You might be shocked, however these discoveries of frozen animals with grass nonetheless of their stomachs set in movement these two colleges of thought because the proof implied you might be consuming lunch and all of the sudden end up frozen, solely to be found by posterity.


The invention of the woolly rhinoceros in 1772, after which frozen mammoths, sparked the creativeness that issues weren’t linear in spite of everything. These main discoveries really contributed to the Age of Enlightenment, the place there was a burst of information erupting in each area of inquisition. Such finds of frozen mammoths in Siberia proceed to at the present time. This has challenged theories on each side of this debate to elucidate such catastrophic occasions. These frozen animals in Siberia counsel unusual occasions are potential even in climates that aren’t that dissimilar from the casts of useless victims who have been buried alive after the volcanic eruption of 79 AD at Pompeii in historical Roman Italy. Animals could be grazing after which freeze abruptly. Local weather change has been round for billions of years — lengthy earlier than man invented the combustion engine.

Even the sector of geology started to create nice debates that maybe the earth merely burst right into a catastrophic convulsion and, certainly, the planet was cyclical — not linear. This view of sequential harmful upheavals at irregular intervals or cycles emerged in the course of the 1700s. This college of thought was maybe greatest expressed by a forgotten contributor to the data of mankind, George Hoggart Toulmin, in his uncommon 1785 ebook, “The Eternity of the World”:

” ••• convulsions and revolutions violent past our expertise or conception, but unequal to the destruction of the globe, or the entire of the human species, have each existed and can once more exist ••• [terminating] ••• an astonishing succession of ages.”

Id./p3, 110


In 1832, Professor A. Bernhardi argued that the North Polar ice cap had prolonged into the plains of Germany. To help this idea, he pointed to the existence of big boulders which have turn into referred to as “erratics,” which he urged have been pushed by the advancing ice. This was a surprising idea, for it was definitely a nonlinear view of pure historical past. Bernhardi was considering out of the field. Nonetheless, in pure science, folks pay attention and overview theories, in contrast to in social science, the place theories are ignored in the event that they problem what folks wish to imagine. In 1834, Johann von Charpentier (1786-1855) argued that there have been deep grooves reduce into the Alpine rock concluding, as did Karl Schimper, that they have been brought on by an advancing Ice Age.

This physique of information has been fully ignored by the worldwide warming/local weather change spiritual cult. They know nothing about nature or cycles, and they’re fully blind to historical past and even that it was the invention of those historical creatures who froze with meals of their mouths. They can’t clarify these occasions nor the huge quantity of information written by individuals who really did analysis as an alternative of attempting to cloak an agenda in faux science.


Our mannequin has projected we’re coming into one other “grand minimal,” which can overtake the solar starting in 2020 and can final by way of the 2050s, leading to diminished magnetism, rare sunspot manufacturing, and fewer ultraviolet (UV) radiation reaching Earth. This all means we face a worldwide cooling interval on the planet that will span 31 to 43 years. The final grand-minimum occasion produced the mini-Ice Age within the mid-Seventeenth century. Generally known as the Maunder Minimal, it occurred between 1645 and 1715, throughout an extended span of time when elements of the world grew to become so chilly that the interval was known as the Little Ice Age, which lasted from about 1300 to 1850.

Most individuals have NEVER heard of the Beaufort Gyre, a large wind-driven present within the Arctic Ocean that really has much more affect over sea ice than something we will throw into the ambiance. The Beaufort Gyre has been regulating local weather and sea ice formation for millennia. Not too long ago, nevertheless, one thing has modified; it isn’t one thing that will create international warming however threatens a brand new Ice Age.

There’s a regular cycle that seems to be about 5.4 years, the place it reverses route and spins counter-clockwise, expelling ice and freshwater into the japanese Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic. The 5.4-year cycle is attention-grabbing for it’s two pi cycle intervals of 8.6. The quick cycle has all of the sudden expanded to 2 8.6-year intervals, bringing it to 17.2 years as we head into 2022.

What you have to perceive is that this Beaufort Gyre now holds as a lot freshwater as all the Nice Lakes mixed. Why is that necessary? Saltwater freezes at a decrease temperature than the 32 levels F at which freshwater freezes. The distinction between the air temperature and the freezing level of saltwater is larger than the distinction between the air temperature and the freezing level of contemporary water. This makes the ice with salt on it soften sooner, which is why we salt the roads in an ice storm.

Now, consider the Beaufort Gyre as a carousel of ice and freshwater. As a result of it’s now spinning each sooner and in its ordinary clockwise route, it has been gathering increasingly more freshwater from the three most important sources:

  1. Melting sea ice
  2. Runoff from the Arctic Ocean from Russian and North American rivers
  3. Decrease saltwater coming in from the Bering Sea

Certainly, Yale has warned that this present may “Cool the Local weather in Europe,” which is exactly what we’re witnessing. Cyclically, the Beaufort Gyre will reverse route, and when it does, the clear and current hazard would be the pure expulsion of a large quantity of icy contemporary water into the North Atlantic. Bear in mind now, freshwater freezes sooner than saltwater.

This isn’t a idea. Now we have earlier information of reversals on this cycle of the Beaufort Gyre from the Nineteen Sixties and Seventies, the place there was a surge of contemporary Arctic water launched into the North Atlantic that resulted within the water freezing. There was plenty of work executed on this topic, which, after all, is ignored by the local weather change agenda that solely seeks accountable human exercise. Nonetheless, AAAS, of which I’m a member, states plainly:

“Arctic sea ice impacts local weather on seasonal to decadal time scales, and fashions counsel that sea ice is crucial for longer anomalies such because the Little Ice Age.” 

Socrates has been given nearly each potential database I may discover over the previous 50 years. Due to the prolonged 17.2-year cycle within the Beaufort Gyre, the chance {that a} larger-than-normal expulsion of freshwater into the Atlantic can disrupt the Gulf Stream, which is the only motive why Europe has been average in local weather. However that has NOT all the time been the case. We all know that the Barbarian invasions into Rome in the course of the third century have been primarily pushed by a colder local weather within the north. The invasion of the Sea Peoples ended the Bronze Age, and people from the north migrated into the South, storming Mesopotamia and Northern Africa.

It’s simply not created by people.

Maybe we at the moment are on the tipping level, and so they can not hold saying that the extraordinarily chilly winter can also be brought on by CO2 and international warming. The collapse of the gulf stream has nothing to do with CO2. This may occasionally end in a significant confrontation that these folks have been severely incorrect and what they’re doing to the economic system in attempting to close down fossil fuels at this time limit may end in tens of thousands and thousands of deaths if the gulf stream collapses.