by Martin Armstrong

With most con artists, it is advisable to rely your fingers after shaking fingers. With the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, you must ensure you nonetheless have your arm. He wears the identical garments to undertaking he’s at warfare elevating some to hope he no less than takes it off to scrub. Each Germany and Japan in addition to the Swiss all apologized for warfare crimes – however by no means Ukraine.

By no means in all my profession of coping with governments have I ever witnessed such a bold-faced liar as Zelensky. He addressed the scholars and professors of Yale College, and boldly had the audacity to assert that it’s in Ukraine that the worldwide destiny of democracy is being decided. The Minsk Settlement known as for the Donbas to vote on their independence. Ukraine has refused to permit that ever to occur. His declare that the destiny of democracy can be decided provided that Ukraine can destroy all Russians is simply outrageous.

“It’s important for the entire world that Russia loses now – within the warfare in Ukraine. Once we win for ourselves, we are going to win for different nations whose freedom is probably below assault: the ambitions of the Russian throne are recognized.” 

“On behalf of the Ukrainian individuals, I need to thank your individuals for the help you present to our protection. Thanks to your leaders – President Biden, each chambers and events of Congress, public figures and companies who really feel how necessary it’s for Ukrainian democracy to endure.” 

Zelensky has refused to apologize to Poland for its warfare crimes. The depravity of Ukrainians is way past any of the worst horror movies ever made. It has been documented what the Ukrainians have accomplished like slicing out a child from a mom’s abdomen and sowing her again up after placing in a dwell cat. Zelensky REFUSES to acknowledge what the Ukrainians carried out. The Polish Affiliation of Reminiscence of Victims of Crimes of Ukrainian Nationalists documented 135 techniques of torture and homicide practiced by Ukrainian Nazis.

Poland formally known as the Ukrainian actions genocide. The Ukrainians have been protected by the CIA for many years ONLY as a result of they hated Russians. They proceed to guard the Ukrainian Nazis solely as a result of they’re waging warfare towards Russia. Each nation has apologized for its warfare crimes with the only exception of Ukraine. Zelensky is an absolute shame as a world chief.

All of the declassified paperwork verify that the American Neocons have been mendacity about Putin just because they need warfare. They advised Zelensky to not negotiate peace. Zelensky has offered his personal nation like Judas for a handful of silver. He has refused to barter any phrases of peace in any respect placing his individuals in hurt’s approach all for the Neocons who need to merely destroy Russia in any respect prices.

I’ve the identical paperwork that had been the briefings that reveal that Yeltsin turned to Putin BECAUSE he was not a communist. Yeltsin was being blackmailed with the Financial institution of New York case by the oligarchs and Republic Nationwide Financial institution’s Edmond Safra on the one aspect and the communists who filed an impeachment motion to take away Yeltsin on the opposite. Yeltsin turned to Putin as a result of he was towards reestablishing the USSR and he was not an oligarch.  Anthony Blinken has repeatedly maintained the usual propaganda that Putin has “imperial designs” to recreate the USSR. All of the declassified paperwork from the Clinton Administration show that can be an outright lie.

The Minsk Settlement was to permit the Donbas to freely vote on their independence. They’re ethnic Russians – not Ukrainians, Zelensky promised peace to get elected and has refused to barter for peace and has claimed democracy will depend on Ukraine destroying Russia when in truth he has refused to permit the Donbas to even vote. He solely desires to destroy Russia.

This can be a Local weather Change Warfare. The target is the destroy Russia, and its power manufacturing for that’s 50% of all the GDP, and they’ll then remodel it into their thought of a vassal state subservient to the United Nations. You don’t create World Warfare III for a tiny piece of land that has all the time been traditionally Russian. Those that need to fly their Ukrainian flags in help, go searching for you’re condemning the way forward for your loved ones for a warfare that they lied about from the beginning similar to the weapons of mass destruction. You might be only a pawn on their chessboard of worldwide geopolitics.