It appears just like the MultiVersus modding scene might need to pack it in, as gamers utilizing mods are reportedly unable to launch the sport after a latest patch.

As reported by Eurogamer, PC gamers who’re utilizing mods can now not boot up the sport whereas mods are turned on. Warner Bros. has lately filed a takedown discover on YouTube movies exhibiting off MultiVersus character mods, and now in the newest patch authentic any type of mod is unusable.

Mods for MultiVersus have principally been a bit skins to this point, which can solely be viewable to the participant that has them put in, as clearly something that impacts gameplay can be unfair to different gamers. However this latest change within the patch prevents gamers from utilizing these mods, at the very least till some type of work round is discovered, if one is even attainable.

Modder GhostsSoup identified that mods now not appear to work, promising to replace everybody if a piece round is feasible for the latest patch, however did observe that modding of any form has been killed because of it.

The primary season of MultiVersus launched after a short delay earlier this week, although the primary character set to reach, Morty, nonetheless doesn’t have a launch date deliberate.

Gremlins’ Stripe and DC’s Black Adam have been lately confirmed as playable characters too after an unintentional early reveal, and a few more moderen datamines have discovered that the Wizard of Oz’s Depraved Witch of the West and the titular Beetlejuice may additionally be coming to the platform fighter.

Season 1’s launch clearly didn’t go to plan, contemplating Morty hasn’t arrived but and Rick doesn’t have a date in sight, with not many large new options to actually convey it out of the open beta, however that doesn’t matter an excessive amount of, as a result of the sport completely nonetheless slaps.